Blessing/Prayer Candle Scented



♰ Gold Gilded Cross Prayer Candle ♰

These prayer candles are meticulously hand-adorned with the sign of the cross in gold gilding. The white candle represents the purity and harmony of holiness. 

Lighting a candle to pray or meditate helps you express your faith and communicate with God and the angels who serve him. Candles have been used since prehistoric times for various reasons, from practical lighting needs to decorative and romantic purposes and for religious and ceremonial activities.

These candles are ideal as novena candles, sanctuary candles, or for candlelight vigils, and other spiritual practices. Makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, even for weddings.

white wax is enclosed in a tall glass jar. 8" tall.


Scents :

Eucalyptus – A strong savor of freshly picked eucalyptus leaves and a touch of lime.

Warm Vanilla Sugar – A delightful combination of brown sugar and buttery vanilla with soft mossy undertones.

Mulberry – Classic mulberry embellished by the addition of cinnamon, wild berries & bitter orange peels.